Hello, I’m Rachel Gilmour

For more than half my life, I’ve been lucky enough to call this new constituency my home. I spent my childhood in Taunton Deane and since 2006 my family and I have lived in Bampton, which I am proud to represent as Lib Dem district councillor.

I’ve visited every corner of the constituency, our towns and villages, our coast, countryside and moorland, and have a thorough understanding of our many strengths – and the challenges we face.

When it comes to my professional skills, my time as both a director of the NFU and head of strategy at the Environment Agency lend me crucial experience in our rural constituency, and my volunteer experience with the Exmoor Foundation for Integrated Health Care has given me invaluable insight into community health care.

As a politician and a working mother, I’ve mastered many important skills. I love the fun and camaraderie of the campaign trail, and know how to keep people’s spirits up. I always treat my opponents with courtesy and respect, and I’ve never been afraid of speaking truth to power. I have a thick skin, a warm heart and I’m absolutely passionate about bringing a visible local representation to my long-ignored community.

My priorities for Tiverton and Minehead

Over my 33 years living on the Somerset-Devon border I have seen many politicians put leaflets through my door telling me what they want to do.  Or what I should be doing for them.  I’m determined to be different.  I have spent the last six months asking you to tell me about the issues you really care about.

You have told me that, amongst many local issues, there are four key topics you care most strongly about: local health services, our local environment, the cost of living, and crime and public safety.

Below I have set out some of the things I am doing to deliver the changes you asked for.  There is still time to add your voice, if you have not yet replied you can do so at rachelgilmour.org.uk/welcome or I will happily drop off a paper survey, if you would prefer.


Local Health Services

Access to free healthcare at the point of need is a fundamental right in our society. I am campaigning to train more doctors and nurses, pay them adequately, and invest in local dentistry services.

Our community hospitals in Tiverton and Minehead must be protected.

Our Local Environment

Climate change is the biggest threat to our future, and the cost of inaction will fall heaviest on our rural communities.  We are already experiencing more frequent extreme flooding events, and need investment in defences and addressing the causes.

I am campaigning for energy savings, and empowering communities to look after their local waterways and green spaces with the support of government.

Tackling the cost-of-living

As a Mid Devon Councillor, I am supporting urgent action to tackle the Poverty Premium which sees additional costs for our lowest income residents.

I am campaigning to support the rural services that are the first to be squeezed, and help you to insulate older homes.

Reducing crime in our area

We need more community officers to tackle antisocial behaviour and shoplifting, and respond quickly to calls for help.

I have heard from our police officers what resources they need to meet the challenges of our rural towns and villages – and I will continue to fight to deliver them

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